Lee Berry

About Lee Berry

Lives IN: Donggagong Sabah , Malaysia…sometimes commutes to elCajon-SD, or Chicago-ORD.

Why I choose to live there: Sun, Fun, low-Taxes. “Need I say any more?”

Land below the wind
“Land Below the wind”
  • Most Tourism-Resorts, fishing, and Agriculture products.
  • Some Light Industry zones
  • Several shipping ports
  • Friendly people with diverse languages
  • Not in Hurricane alley!


My Occupation:

Enterprise Systems Technical Repairs, Maintenance, and End-to-End System Validation.                              


                                                                                                       Don’t trust your system to just anyone!                               


“Break-and-Fix Specialist” 


Process Quality Assurance implementation and gap analysis through software auditing, and reverse engineering testing. 

My Interest:                                                                              

  1. Products:  Google-Box, NAS-Storage Boxes,  , DYI-low-formfactor_PCs
  2. Services: System backup using EMC, P2P, NetApp Semantics, FalconStor.
  3. Supporting:  DOD US. Army, US.Army, National Guard ad-hoc services.
  4. Hobbies:  Family chef-cook-bottle-washer.                                        did-message-cardboar-go4walk-wanted
  5. Activist:   Local Tiger-conservation-endangerment.
  6.  Music:      Roger-Miller-music-fan-club.
  7.  Nature:      Rearing-pets i.e dogs, fishes, rabbits,
  8. Trades:      Expert Painter and Home Remodeling.
  9.  Misc:        Local Electrician and Pretty_Poor plumber.
  10.  Trainer:     GURU – coach and tutor at local schools/colleges.

How to contact me?

I use technology you need to follow one of these methods below.Calling me is best

  • email:  please use the form to avoid my spam filter.
  • Twitter:  @LeeWhiteTiger
  • Facebook: @ DavidLeeWhiteTiger
  • Skype_alias: de dot doughboy

Call me during the correct time? If Unsure check below… I follow the Singapore Clock.   http://www.worldtimeserver.com/

If you want a really safe browser use comodo-Dragon. 

My daughter Debra nicknamed me “Inspector-Gadget.” This page has been scanned for your protection and is defended by webInspector. You can get the live plugIN from the Chrome App store.

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